A diagram of the correct application of cream around the eyes with video instructions and tips for choosing eyelid products

Friends, hello everyone. It turns out that too many of us apply eye makeup products incorrectly. And this can lead to swelling, allergies and premature aging of the skin. Therefore, all girls need to know how to properly apply cream around the eyes and how to apply eyelid products. This is exactly what I will tell you today in detail.

At what age should it be used?

There is a misconception among girls that a separate cosmetic product for the eyelids is just marketing. But I have more confidence in the point of view of cosmetologists on this issue. And they claim that the area around the eyes requires special care.

The skin around the eyes is thinner and more delicate. The number of sebaceous glands in this area is minimal, so the skin is drier. Accordingly, she ages faster. Have you noticed that the first wrinkles usually appear under the eyes?

The eyes themselves are an extremely sensitive organ to external influences. Getting even a small amount of cosmetic product into your eyes can cause unwanted reactions or allergies. Therefore, eyelid products are developed taking into account all the features of the eye area. It is desirable that the product be hypoallergenic and contain a minimum of fragrances, dyes and preservatives.

It is important to choose a product according to your age category.

You should start caring for your eyelid area at the same age as your face.

Up to 25 years, it is enough to use light moisturizing gels or creams. Products that have a more active effect and fight the signs of aging can be used from the age of 25-30.

How to make a choice

The first question should be not how to properly apply cream for the skin around the eyes, where to find a diagram from a photo, but whether it is necessary at all. There are different types, and they all work differently.

Foundation corrector

In what cases is it required:

  • bruises and dark circles;
  • the skin is too thin, from under which veins and capillaries are visible;
  • redness, bags.


  • lays down in a dense layer, covering imperfections;
  • visually hides imperfections;
  • evens out facial tone.

You can use Divage BB cream with microbeads or the unique Time Balm Concealer, which you will find in a special section of our store.


Symptoms that require moisturizing creams:

  • dryness, peeling;
  • disturbed fat balance;
  • loss of freshness and elasticity.

Application technique

It is important to apply eye contour products correctly. By following these recommendations, you will avoid puffy eyelids in the morning.

Cosmetologists recommend doing this according to the following scheme:

  1. Apply a few drops of cream onto the upper and lower eyelids. The product is applied to the upper eyelid in the direction from the inner corner of the eye to the outer. And vice versa on the lower eyelid - from the outer corner of the eye to the inner. The cream must be applied along the line of the orbital bone, that is, not on the eyelid itself.
  2. Gently spread droplets of cream over the skin with light tapping movements of your finger. In this case, it is better to use your ring finger. It is less trained and will not be used as intensely as the index finger.
  3. Drive the product in the direction from the bone to the eye. That is, from top to bottom on the upper eyelid, and from bottom to top on the lower eyelid. Be careful not to get a drop of product into your eyes.

To better understand the basic rules, watch another short video:

There are some nuances to applying the products in the morning and at night. They play an important role in the quality care of our eyelids.

In the evening : Do not apply the cream to the area around the eyes immediately before going to bed. It is optimal to do this 1-2 hours before bedtime so that the product has time to be properly absorbed. If you go to bed immediately after application, the product can easily flow into the eye socket at an angle. As they say, “the cream has flowed.” Indeed, when exposed to body temperature, it begins to move. Which leads to swollen eyelids and a “Chinese-like” eye shape.


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In the morning : do not rush to apply makeup right away.
Cosmetics may run, smudge, and you will have to wash everything off and redo your makeup. Well, or walking around in an unpresentable manner. Therefore, it is better to apply the cream at least 10-15 minutes before makeup.

Use it skillfully

This seemingly simple procedure is a real technique on how to apply eye cream.

This product is most often called eye cream. But this does not mean that the moving eyelids and the area around the eyes are the same thing. The cream is not applied directly to the eye flaps, but slightly away from them. In the lower part, this is the area above the cheekbone, on top, under the eyebrows.

  • Eyelid cosmetics are produced in much smaller packages than other products. This alone indicates that it should be used in sparing quantities. Even if the product is very light or gel-like, its excess can cause the opposite effect. This can impair circulation, interfere with lymphatic drainage, and cause swelling.
  • The cosmetic product for the “eye area” can be used, depending on how you are used to, in the morning, and in the evening, or in the morning, or in the evening. Just don't do this during the day, as you'll have to remove your makeup. In the morning, the product is used at least thirty minutes before going outside: it needs to be completely absorbed. Evening application should not be done just before going to bed - at least an hour and a half before, then you will be able to avoid an unpleasant morning surprise in the form of swelling.
  • You can apply the cream only after thoroughly removing your makeup, especially if the makeup was waterproof. It is better to wash it off with a special cleansing milk or tonic. The cosmetic disc is moistened with any of these products; movements when washing off cosmetics should be circular and very gentle, in no way stretching the skin.

Common application errors

Often girls think that the cream is not suitable for them or causes allergies. In fact, they just don’t know how to cook it... oh, they’re using it wrong

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